The Forest of Experiments

The Forest of Experiments is a group of passionate young researchers working on Slovenian Forestry Institute. We gladly provide innovative environmental education, transfer of knowledge and promotion of science. Our educational work is carried out according to the principles and methods of forest pedagogy. It addresses all social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability through the forest.

We are also partners in the Forest Communication Network - Subgroup-Forest Pedagogics.

​​​​​Our work and goals:

•    present good educational practices in natural environments
•    raising awareness of the importance of environmental education for sustainable development
•    encourage creativity and develop innovative methods in the educational process
•    encourage knowledge transfer and the integration of forest science into the curriculum of environmental education of kindergartens and schools
•    present the work of researchers at our institute and offer them support in searching opportunities for cooperation
•    promoting science about the forest and trying to inspire young people for scientific research work

What is forest pedagogy?

Forest pedagogy is one of the environmental education approaches that is connected with the forest and our relationship with it. Forest pedagogy appreciates, encourages and promotes forest as healthy and innovative educational ground. It uses active educational methods that enhance mutual cooperation and promote sustainable development.

Our activities:


Workshops for children and youth

In Forest of Experiments, children are drawn to the world of forest science through fun and attractive content. Although, forest is our outdoor infinite classroom, one part of interesting events we transfer in our laboratories. Activities are designed according to the principles of "flow learning" so that the children master the new knowledge. Content is adjusted to follow the learning program for kindergartens and schools.
In cooperation with other institutes, we develop and carry workshops for children with special needs.

Activities are gathered and published in  The Handbook for Learning and Play in the Forest, which can be downloaded for free..

Educations for pedagogues

The education workshop is intended for anyone who does pedagogical work with children (educator, teacher, scout, ...). They are run by ours and foreign experts and pedagogues.
The goal is to transfer our knowledge through practical education. We want to inspire you to create new and interesting activities that will bring children from enclosed spaces and classrooms into nature.  Forest is an excellent place for children to gain knowledge, experience and for teachers to carry out experiential pedagogy and environmental education. It is an endless source of both tangible words and less tangible ideas. Forest pedagogy offers countless opportunities for integrated learning in nature. As children gather new experience, they connect, upgrade and expand their interests while developing a positive attitude towards nature.

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